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Klaus D. Gebert Photo - Album
VIEHSCHEID - Sorting the Cows

From september 11th to about the 20th there is a event in
Allgäu - Bavaria called "Viehscheid" this is when the Cows
come down from the Huts on high ground, where they have
grazed for the summer getting fat.
On the Viehscheid the cows are separated from each other,
the Herdsman calls out the name of the owners and each
owner takes care of his cows.
There is always a big party when the cows come down, with a
large beer-tent, orchestra playing and so on.


Here we are in the small community called "Schöllang" it lies
between Sonthofen and Oberstdorf.
Here you can see the Herdsman with a "Kranzkuh" a cow with a
a headdecoration.
This decoration is put on if this special "Alpe" hasn´t had any accidents in the summer.
The Viehscheid in Schöllang is always on the 12th of september
each year.


This is the place where the cows will be sorted.


A young herder with a decorated Kranzkuh, and dressed in
the usual Lederhosen and white shirt.
Down below:
Here is a cow with a large bell. Usually the cows have small
bells, but during the Viehscheid they have to carry large
bells, the larger the better.
There is a quite lot of sound when about 300 cows with large
bells are walking towards you.



Finally a young herdsman in the community of Gunzesried.
Standing with a Kranzkuh.
The most famous of the Viehscheids is the one in
Hindelang a community about 8 km from Sonthofen.
It´s always on the 11th of september so it is the first one
each year. With many tents where you can drink beer.
And also a large market where you can buy everything.