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I live in Malmoe - Sweden, the best town in Sweden. I am born in Sonthofen - Bavaria in Germany, this is where the picture above is taken.

I love walking around in the mountains. See my link to pictures further down on this page. I am also a stampcollector collecting everything postal from "Sonthofen". I am building a site where i will show postal history from Sonthofen, cancellations and covers. Here is the link: POSTAL HISTORY there is also another website that shows the Postal History from Sonthofen, a wery beautiful site. Here is the link: SONTHOFEN POSTGESCHICHTE

I was born in 1948 so this is my 71th year.

I worked at the Swedish Railways SJ as a Trainconductor for 35 years, im now retired.

My old soccerclub IF ALLIANS is here IF ALLIANS VÄNNER

Im also in the board of a Stamp Collectors club in Malmö. Here is the link Samlarföreningen Vattenmärket This page is also only in Swedish.

I have a brother who likes to go biking around Europe, here is the link to his page:Harald G.

Above is the small village of "Beilenberg" it lies just above the town of Sonthofen. Beilenberg is the place where i live when i am on holiday in Bavaria. It is a nice little village with a lot of interesting people.

There are a lot of mountains to climb and walk on around here, and i have been on top of most of them, alone or with friends.

Nearby is the town of Oberstdorf, which is famous for their Spa:s also their Skijumping, and also that the 1987 and 2005 World Championships in Nordic skiing were held there.

One of the most famous mountain-roads is not far from Oberstdorf, it is called "Heilbronner Weg" this mountaintrek goes just on the border between Germany and Austria, and the highest mountains are over 2.600 metres, like "Hohes Licht" and "Maedelegabel", i have walked this mountainroad twice and i highly recommend it.

I have a Sony DSC HX1 digital camera a large camera with a very good optical lens and a Sony DSC - H55, a very nice small camera and also a Canon SX 50 Hs with an optical zoom of 50 times. I always take a lot of pictures when i am on holiday, Now when im retired i can go on holidays any time i want to.

I am building a picturegallery at the moment and this is the link: PHOTOALBUM

In the Picture below you can see the house from south with the mountain Grünten in the back. The picture is taken in october 2004, and the mountain in the back is not that close its about 8 km away..

Here is the weather for the region:

Klaus Gebert
days 'til the year 2020.